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High Usability

Monolink Works Everywhere

Place your anywhere on the internet your audience is. Direct people to the most important content.

Not Just a Pretty Page But a Powerful Tool to Handle All Existing Social Media

Monolink is packed with tons of useful features that anyone can make use of. Take a look at some of its wonderful capabilities.

Multiplatform Support

Your Monol.inks will work everywhere and on all devices.

Unlimited Links

Create as many pages and links you need. With No Limit.

Extremely User Friendly

It only takes seconds to get started with

Animated Elements

Animate some of your buttons and links to add life to your or make some links stand out more than others.

In-built Analitycs

Learn more about your visitors using our in-built tracking data.

Lifetime Account

Pay once and get lifetime access and future updates with our Launch Sale Offer.

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Fully Personalized with Countless Options

Make your Personal and match your brand with Custom colors, backgrounds, images and branding.

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Link to everywhere

Monolink Works Everywhere, Probably Even in Space

Use Monolink to channel visitors to your latest, video, article, recipe tour, shop, website or even social post – anywhere online

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Make it pop

Make Some Links Stand Out With Animations!

Add your own touch to your Monol.inks page with our editor and stand out from the crowd. Animate some of your buttons and links to add life to your or make some links stand out more than others.

Create your first monolink

Take Control of Where you Send your Audience

Funnel, Segment and Organize your Traffic to Where it WANTS to go! Make it easier for visitors to access the content they're looking for. Below are some of the platforms we currently support, Monol.inks will add more platforms based on user feedback and requests.

TikTok Support

Promote your TikTok videos

YouTube Support

Drive attention and focus on your key YouTube videos. More views!

Spotify Support

Add songs and playlists from Sportify! Be heard!

Facebook Pixel Support

Add your Facebook Pixel for extra tracking and marketing benefits. Keep your pixel learning and optimized with solid data.

Twitch Support

Add your Twitch videos and promote your channels.

Google Analytics Support

More data and real-time tracking with Google analytics support

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